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    The perfect way to sample a dram of all three of our MacNaMara whiskies – our gift box contains 3 x 5cl bottles.

    Mac Na Mara signifies in Gaelic “the Son of the Sea”, echoing the ancient maritime tradition of the Hebridean Islands of Scotland and their historic association with the Celtic sea kingdom that dominated the great seafaring routes from the Isle of Man to the Isle of Lewis from medieval times until well into the 16th century.

    MacNaMara Classic – Introduced for those who prefer a lighter blend, MacNaMara has a good proportion of single malts with only a light trace of peat.

    MacNaMara Rum Finish – double matured, having been married in Guyanan Rum Casks for twelve months following the standard maturation in Bourbon casks. This Gaelic whisky is fresh and smooth in character with a touch of oiliness balanced by the sweetness of Rum.

    MacNaMara Madeira Finish – specially selected and finished in Madeira casks following traditional maturation in Bourbon wood. The double maturation adds to the complexity giving a soft sweetness to the limited edition MacNaMara Madeira Finish.


    The perfect way to sample a dram of all three of our Poit Dhubh malt whiskies.

    Our gift box contains 3 x 5cl bottles, one each of the 8 year old, 12 year old and 21 year old.

    Poit Dhubh, named after the Gaelic term for an illicit still, celebrates the illustrious tradition of illicit whisky-making which became legendary throughout the history of the Gaeltachd of the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. The illicit stills being regarded traditionally as a source of some of the most revered whiskies, held in high regard by connoisseurs of discerning taste.

    Poit Dhubh 8 Year Old
    This fine malt whisky is medium sweet and rich. A long smoky and slightly perfumed finish.
    Poit Dhubh 12 Year Old
    Elegant and smooth, with a good balance of sweetness and peatiness, giving a long, smooth and smoky finish.
    Poit Dhubh 21 Year Old
    This sumptuous malt imparts soft enticing aromas of vanilla, oak and peat. Refined, rich and well rounded.