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    This fine 12 year old malt whisky is elegant and smooth, with a good balance of sweetness and peatiness, giving a long, smooth and smoky finish.

    As a connoisseurs’ Gaelic Whisky, Tè Bheag contains a high proportion of aged single malts, matured in sherry casks.  

    Following the best of whisky making traditions and omitting the modern chilfiltering process, the heart of the whisky is preserved intact, giving a distinctively softer, fuller and richer character, acclaimed by connoisseurs.

    Poit Dhubh, named after the Gaelic term for an illicit still, celebrates the illustrious tradition of illicit whisky-making which became legendary throughout the history of the Gaeltachd of the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. The illicit stills being regarded traditionally as a source of some of the most revered whiskies, held in high regard by connoisseurs of discerning taste.
    Nose: Medium-bodied with soft smokiness, a touch of liquorice and a slight hint of citrus.
    Palate: Smooth with a touch of dryness. A good balance of peatiness and sweetness.
    Finish: Long, smooth and smoky.
    Taste Profile: Sweetness 7/10 : Peatiness 7/10

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