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    This fine 8 year old malt whisky is medium sweet and rich. A long smoky and slightly perfumed finish.

    Poit Dhubh, named after the Gaelic term for an illicit still, celebrates the illustrious tradition of illicit whisky-making which became legendary throughout the history of the Gaeltachd of the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. The illicit stills being regarded traditionally as a source of some of the most revered whiskies, held in high regard by connoisseurs of discerning taste.
    Nose: Medium-sweet, fresh and rich.
    Palate: Full-bodied with a subtle aromatic backbone of peatiness and a pleasing robust richness.
    Finish: Long, smoky and slightly perfumed
    Taste Profile: sweetness 6/10 : Peatiness 8/10.

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