Bùth Eilean Iarmain

Bùth Dùinte – we’re taking a short break – our Bùth (Shop) is now closed until Thursday the 8th of February – we very much look forward to welcoming you back then!

The full range of Gaelic Whiskies and Gaelic Gins is still available for purchase online from www.gaelicwhisky.com

You can contact us directly and place orders, as usual, by email: sales@gaelicwhisky.com and by telephone on 01471 833 496. For delivery in time for Valentine’s day please get your orders to us by the 11th of February.

The bar at Hotel Eilean Iarmain, next door, is open every Friday and Saturday from 5pm – the perfect place to indulge in a fine Gaelic dram by the open fire or purchase a full bottle of our Gaelic Whisky or Gaelic Gin, at shop prices.

The office of Fearann Eilean Iarmain remains open and any enquiries can be made to the office staff directly, by email: info@eileaniarmain.co.uk, or by telephone on 01471 833 266.
We can arrange for you to pick up bottle from the office by appointment – please contact us to enquire.

Chì sinn a rithist sibh!

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